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ISO 14001 2004
ISO 9001
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Since 1995, Dorot comply with the quality management standard SI ISO 9001:2000.
Production processes are performed according to rigorously adhered procedures and instructions. In every production line there are quality control and quality assurance activities with constant supervision.

In addition, Dorot successfully stood the test certification for Standard ISO 14001 - Environment.
This standard provides tools for environmental management and deals with the daily management of the areas in which the organization's activities impact on the environment. We at "Dorot", attach great importance to protecting the environment especially today when there is a growing awareness of this issue.
Using an environmental management system we ensure the achievement of environmental goals, to present to the authorities and the community the responsibility on environmental issues and maintain commercial relations with countries where there is a requirement for environmental policy.
To meet the standard demands we have developed procedures that help us in managing the environment at the factory. We collected data about our consumption in different areas over several years, Also we collected and analyzed data on recycling plastic, metal, cardboard, paper and more. All these will help us set goals for continuous improvement by reducing consumption on the one hand and increasing recycling on the other.

ISO 14001 2004
ISO 9001

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