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Wafer Valves

2"- 24" (50mm-600mm)

Dorot is proud to offer a high quality line of butterfly
valves to meet the requirements of today's market.
Combining years of field experience, research and
development, Dorot has added numerous unique features to the Series DBV- WF.
The results are longer service life, greater reliability, ease of parts replacement and interchangeability of components.

Design Features

Dorot's Series DBV: WF (Wafer) valve.
All Dorot valves are tested to 110% of full pressure rating before shipment.
A major design advantage of Dorot valve product lines is international compatibility. The same valve is compatible with most world flange standards - ANSI Class 125/150, BS 10 Tables D & E, BS4504 NP 10/16, DIN ND10/16, AS 2129 and JIS 10. In addition, the valves are designed to comply with ISO 5752 face-to-face and ISO 5211 actuator mounting flanges.

Therefore, one valve design can be used in many different world markets. Due to a modular concept of design, Dorot manual levers or gear operators can be mounted directly on Dorot valves, No brackets or adapters are required.
Dorot interchangeability and compatibility offers you the best uniformity of product line and low- cost performance.

Product Advantages
  • To be installed between two flanges at any position
  • Sealed stem and gear provide longer life span
  • Low torque required to activate the valve under pressure, due to low- friction stem bushing


  • Pumping stations
  • Irrigation main lines and block isolation
  • Municipal water networks
  • Industrial water supply
  • Cooling towers


1. Locate the disc in a partially- open position
2. Place the valve body between the pipe flanges and install flange bolts. Do not use flange gaskets
3. Carefully open the disc to the fully-open position, ensure proper alignment with the adjacent pipes
4. Leave disc in the fully-open position and tighten flange bolts per required specifications. Once bolts are tightened, then carefully move the disc to "closed" position
5. Horizontal position of the stem is preferred

Maintenance and Repair

The high performance features minimize wear and maintenance requirements. No routine lubrication is required.
All components - stem, disc, seat, bushing stem seal etc. are
field- replaceable, no adjustment is needed. If components require replacement, remove the valve from the line: locate the disc in "closed" position, spread the flanges, support the valve, and then remove the flange bolts. No valve maintenance, including removal of manual or power actuators, should be performed until the piping system is completely depressurized.

Selection Data

Specifications of DOROT Series DBV- WF:

Epoxy coated Ductile iron, wafer or lug bodies
Mechanically-retained Stem in body neck. No part of stem or body is exposed to pipeline media
For weld- neck and slip- on flanges, the seat is totally encapsulates the body. No flange gaskets are required
Spherically- machined, hand polished disc providing excellent sealing
Non-corrosive bearings
Bi-directional flow, tested to 110% of pressure rating
Pressure rating:
- 2"- 12" valves are rated 230psi / PN16
- 14"- 20" valves are rated 150psi / PN10
No field adjustment is necessary to maintain optimum field performance

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