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Dorot Calculator App is ready for you!


We are happy to announce that a new tool that will help our partners benefit from Dorot's know-how is ready! A tool that allows us to better know the market, its demands and thus offer better services and respond to our customers' needs in due time!

The Dorot Calculator APP can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store, is available only for android: dorot calculator

The Dorot Calculator, by Dorot Control Valves is a calculation tool that can be used to calculate pipeline water-flow and low data and be used for orifice sizing.
The tool is designed to assist water-system designers and is easy to use and simplified formula inputs will allow each user to enter known information and have the calculator solve for them the missing data.

Main features of the app:

  • Calculates two orifice types based on use
  • Pressure drop calculation
  • Flow rate and speed calculation
  • Friction (HW) coefficient calculation
  • Diameter calculation
  • Graphical Help section

As the AV-PRO, the Dorot Calculator is a service that we offer to the market in order to increase our brand awareness and recognition and share our expertise to all interested parties. As the designers are a key decision influencers, the app is designed for them, with a friendly interface and easy to use.



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