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Pump System Control Valves

NS - Non-slam Check Valve
A dual-stage hydraulic check valve. The closure of the valve takes place at two sequential rates: The first is a rapid closure, preventing large volume return flow. The second is a slow, cushioned closure that eliminates slumming. The travel percentage of the first stage and the speed of closure of the second are adjustable.
BC - Pump Control Valve
The valve eliminates damaging surges caused by pump start-up and shut-off. The electrically activated valve gradually opens on pump start-up, and slowly closes before the pump is switched off. In case of unexpected power failure, The valve operates as a non-slam check valve, preventing reverse flow. Optional Additions: Flow Rate Limitation (FR), Extended Closure (CD), Two-Stage Operating (TO), Reducing (PR) and Sustaining Pressure (PS).
DW - Deep Well Control Valve
The valve eliminates surges caused by the start-up and shut-off of vertical or submersible pumps. It is a relief valve, assembled on a T-junction of the main pipeline. When the pump starts, the valve slowly closes, gradually increasing network pressure. Before pump shut-off, the valve slowly opens, gradually reducing network pressure.

RE - Surge Anticipating Valve
The valve protects the pumping system from water hammer, caused by sudden pump shut-off (from power failure, for example). The valve is a relief valve, assembled on a T-junction of the main pipeline. The valve instantly opens when the pump stops, relieving the returning high pressure wave. The valve slowly closes once the pressure returns to the static level. The valve also functions as a pressure relief valve. Optional Additions: Surge-Preventing Closure (SP).

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