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Level Control Valves

FL - Float Controlled Valve
The main valve is controlled by a float valve, located in the tank or reservoir and set at the required maximum water level. The valve maintains the maximum level continuously. Optional Addition: Surge-Preventing Closure (SP).
FLDI 1 /FLDI 2 - Differential Float Controlled Valve
A float valve controls the main valve, closing it when the water reaches maximum level, and opening it when the water drops to its preset minimum level. The differential between the maximum level and the minimum level is adjustable. Optional Addition: Surge-Preventing Closure (SP).
FLEL - Electric Float Controlled Valve
An automatic, solenoid controlled level control valve, activated by the pressure of the pipeline. The valve is mounted on the tank or reservoir inlet, below or above the water level. An electric float pilot is mounted in the tank or reservoir in such a way that it will be in a vertical position when the water reaches its minimum level, and in a horizontal position when the water level rises to the required maximum level.
AL - Altitude Control Valve
The main valve is controlled by a highly sensitive pilot, located outside the tank. The pilot opens or closes the valve in response to the static pressure of the water. The pilot allows for differential adjustments between the maximum and minimum level. Optional Addition: Surge-Preventing Closure (SP).

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