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New ISO Standards at Dorot Control Valves


As part of the desire to be at the front of technology companies in the economy, Dorot Control Valves ("Dorot") chose to adopt two new standards leading environmental and safety. After preparation of the annual value, Dorot successfully stood the test certification, a test which entitles the Company on 2 standards:

Standard ISO 14001 - Environment
This standard provides tools for environmental management and deals with the daily management of the areas in which the organization's activities impact on the environment. We at "Dorot", attach great importance to protecting the environment especially today when there is a growing awareness of this issue.
Using an environmental management system we ensure the achievement of environmental goals, to present to the authorities and the community the responsibility on environmental issues and maintain commercial relations with countries where there is a requirement for environmental policy.
To meet the standard demands we have developed procedures that help us in managing the environment at the factory. We collected data about our consumption in different areas over several years, Also we collected and analyzed data on recycling plastic, metal, cardboard, paper and more. All these will help us set goals for continuous improvement by reducing consumption on the one hand and increasing recycling on the other.

Standard OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety
We at "Dorot", believe that the risk-intensive business environment, providing field that deals with the management of safety and health as an integral part of the strategy of the organization, gives it a qualitative and business advantage.
Using safety management system we can identify and manage the risks inherent in current activities, Take care for employees wellbeing and strengthen the trust in the organization. Managing health and safety in employment, greatly improves the control at risk factors, including through compliance with regulatory requirements in health and safety in employment.

Over the past two years, the factory has done dramatic change on this issue, while raising significantly the level of awareness to the existing risks among management and employees.
Employees understand the importance of a safe working environment, and therefore alert safety hazards encountered on the job and make sure to report them. We also insist on minimizing the dangers and treatment risks and hazards that exist. Our employees are equipped with personal protective equipment and strict to use it, In addition they are undergoing occupational testing and Annual training.
In order to meet the standard demands, Procedures are introduced and we developed additional procedures which will help us in managing safety in the organization.

Dorot Control Valves sees great importance in adopting these new standards, that added to many quality standards already implemented in the organization for many years. Our company will continue to act and strive to improve not only the quality of its products and services, but also continuous improvement in employee safety, productivity and the relationship with the environment.


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