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Automatic Hydraulic Control Valves

DOROT'S 300 Series is the latest line of state-of-the-art globe type, automatic control valves. This line is designed to withstand even the most demanding water control system requirements. The experts at DOROT developed this technically advanced line with capabilities far beyond any other valve on the market.

Features of the 300 Series:

  • The capability to regulate "near zero" flow, completely eliminating the need for a special low flow device(throttling plug) or a low flow bypass valve, while ensuring very low head loss in "fully open" conditions.
  • A standard valve model, fit for all control operations. A specific pilot provides the required application.
  • The flange (including face-to-face) dimensions suit ISO Standards. This allows for quick and easy replacement of old equipment, without the need for pipeline modifications. SERIES 300Automatic Hydraulic Control Valves
  • The valve has an internal floating shaft, allowing for no friction or leakage, eliminating the need for shaft sealing. The unique design of the shaft provides for easy field maintenance.

Everything Is Under Control

  • The valve has a resilient seal disc, guided by an almost frictionless centering device.
  • The valve's body is made of Ductile Iron, with standing both high hydraulic and mechanical stresses.
  • A standard single chamber valve, enabling jam-free operation in sensitive regulation conditions. If desired, conversion from a single to a double chambered valve is easily accomplished through the insertion of DOROT's innovative separation disc, without the need to remove the valve from the pipeline during the conversion.
  • The valve is fabricated with an easily replaceable seat, made of SST. It maintains excellent durability against erosion, ensuring a drip-tight seal.
  • During the closing procedure, the pace slows down, preventing damage that may occur from water slam/surge.
  • The series includes, as an optional feature, a valve position indicator, attached by a floating connection(ball & socket), resulting in smooth movement, with no wear or tear on the indicator seal.
  • All control ports are protected by Stainless - Steel inserts.
  • Air release device - easily operated for initial valve commissioning.


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