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60ANC Normally-Closed Valve

General description

•  The 60ANC is a Normally- Closed Hydraulic Valve, designed to control the flushing process of industrial filters. It can be used for any application that requires Drip-tight, Normally- Closed control.
The valve is not suitable for regulation of the flow or pressure. It should be used for On / Off applications only.
The valve is made of Reinforced Polypropylene material. All the rubber components are made of Synthetic materials.
The metal parts: spring and bolts, are of SST material.


Fast reaction to Open / Close control

Tough and durable construction
Resistance to corrosive liquids
Internal trim designed for easy disassembly and maintenance, by removing the bonnet and pulling out trim (as a cassette)
Angle- pattern provides low energy loss
Drip- tight sealing at Zero pressure

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