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Valves for the Mining Industry

DOROT mining valves are used to control the ores- leaching process, in mines of various materials.
The Automatic valves replace the manual ones in numerous control applications, such as Pressure Reduction, Local Controller- Activated Start / Stop of the leaching, Remote Control, Pipelines Flushing etc.
A wide range of control alternatives, enables the user a precise selection of the must- suitable valve for his specific control request.

Features and Advantages:

• Simple, symmetric pattern
• Structure materials resistant to strong acids used in the leaching process
• Large water passages, high clogging resistance
• Wide selection of control applications:
  - Pressure Reducing valves, maintaining constant pressure in the sprinklers or drippers laterals.
  - Electrically- activated valves- allowing remote, automatic control of start and stop of the
    leaching periods.
  - Combination of control functions, pressure control and on / off command
  - Electronic controllers that set fixed timing for the leaching sequence and for laterals flushing.

Valve models used in the mining industry:

 uPVC Valve

  1. Simple structure ,easy maintenance
  2. Resistant Materials
  3. Solvent welding (glueing) connection to the pipeline
  4. Sizes 3” to 6” (90-160mm)
  5. Extremely low energy losses


Rubber-lined, direct- sealing diaphragm valves model 77

  1. Simple structure, easy maintenance
  2. Resistant Materials
  3. Sizes: 2" to 24" (50-600mm)
  4. Extremely low energy losses
  5. The selection of rubber veriety of rubber lining enables a precise match to the specific acid, used in the site.
  6. The valves can be used in high-pressure (up to 250m, 350psi) conditions.




Normally-Closed Valve, Model 60ANC

  1. Highly resistant Polypropilene material
  2. Sizes: 11/2" (40mm), angle patters
  3. Natural Normally-closed structure

DAV-C - Air Release & Vacuum Break Valves, for corrosive fluid networks (Sea Water and Mining)

DAV-C valves are made to resist corrosion caused by various liquids in mines, desalinization plants, and the chemical industry. The DAV-C is supplied at PN16 (rated 230psi), PN25 (rated 360psi) and PN40 (rated 580psi).

DAV-C-SA - Surge Arresting Device for DAV valves

  1. Surge Arresting - Automatically prevents water hammer associated with operation of air release valves.
  2. Optimum Performance - Air outlet can be adjusted according to surge analysis results, on site to a required aero-dynamic performance. The SA addition is assembled on user selected valves only (at local high elevated points). The flow through other valves remains unrestricted.



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