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100FLEL Electric Float Controlled Valve


An electric sensor float, located in the tank/reservoir, sends a command to a solenoid controlled valve. The main valve will fully open when the solenoid activated and will close drip tight when the solenoid de-energized, thus enabling accurate and reliable differential level control.
Optional Addition: Stepped Surge-Preventing Closure.
  Accurate and repeatable differential level control
Low power electric activation
Fast response
Simple and reliable design
Easy installation and maintenance

Purchase Specifications
The valve will be hydraulic, direct sealing diaphragm type, which allows inline maintenance. No stem, shaft or guide bearing will be located within the water passage.
The valve will be activated by the line pressure or by an external hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. The valve position
will be controlled by an electric solenoid valve activated from a float in the tank/reservoir. The valve and the controls will be a Dorot Series 100 valve or similar in all aspects.
Quick Sizing
  Valve size same as line or one size smaller
  Maximum flow speed for continuous operation 5.5 m/sec (18 ft/sec)

Design Considerations
  The valve should be suited for the maximal flow and allowed headloss
  The valve can be opened by the electric command (NC) or closed by it (NO). The definition refers to the main valve operation and not to the solenoid's characteristics



Optional Control System Components:

1.  Main Valve
2. Self-flushing filter
3. Cock valve*
4. 3/2 Solenoid valve
5. Accelerator relay (optional for valves
larger than 150mm/6")
6. Electric float switch

* Optional component


Typical Application

Dorot Electric Float Controlled Valve controlling the water volume in a tank.

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