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Social Responsibility

Dorot means generation and that’s why we have set our values from generation to generation, from the smallest to the oldest. We believe a correct behavior starts from childhood and this is a contribution to our environment we need to start developing. Improving the quality of life needs to be the most important issue we have to implement in our future. That’s why, we started to develop programs for children, programs that will contribute by supporting education campaigns.  
Along with other companies part of MAT Holding Group, we invest together in sustainable programs for teaching our future generations how to reduce energy and to reuse water, educate the civil society how to save natural resources and preserve them. We are sure that constant education is one of the most important keys for environment solutions. 
Day by day, we write new programs and seminars, we create a partnership with public sector and with the civil society for a brighter future. We bring our contribution to a new, developed mentality that has to start from early stages. It is our bond to bring new solutions implemented by our engineers to a green environment. You can also be part of this great project for our future life by teaching your children every day how important water is and how we can impact climate change. By these environmental initiatives we are planning to achieve a substantial reduction in water and wastewater footprint.

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